About all the things!

Ok so this is my little corner of WordPress, where I keep lots of posts on the various projects I keep working on, as well as stuff on work and other little things.

So who is this clown?

So glad you asked! My name is Tom, I live in England (and thats as close as you get!), and I am a maker, hacker, and programmer. I’m a member of HACMan, the Manchester Hackspace, and have been on the board of directors for… a while now. I work in Maplin, and also Intern at Shadowcat Systems.

I am quite good at programming Arduino’s, and designing circuitry and PCB’s around them. I have also designed other electronic devices for various things, and have several projects ongoing with them. I am also learning to program in Perl, as well as Java, C, Objective-C (yes there is a difference), javascript, HTML5 & CSS, Brainfuck, and a small bit in C++ and C#.

I am a great fan and user of Free and Open Source Software and Hardware, though will use whatever is available as long as it does the task in hand (Windows for gaming, for example…). I use Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X almost daily, and have several Android devices which never leave my side.

If you want to find me in the great interwebs, then your best bet is to look for my nickname, TBSliver. I use this almost exclusively in everything, and so you can find me on twitter, IRC, Flickr, this site, and many other places I’ve probably forgotten about. If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to chat, feel free to message me on one of those places and I’l try and get back to you (although can’t guarantee anything…). If you want to spam me, then please do us all a favour and go die in a fire.

On that note, enjoy your stay!

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