Some Github and Perlanet news

This is just a quick update, to let you know that the code from the Perlanet Simple walkthrough is now on Github, here! There are a few changes I’ve made, though mainly just re-organise the folder to make more sense. So now the actual script is in the ‘bin’ folder, the template and config files are in ‘etc’, and the output folder is the same as before, in ‘www’. This also means that the script and config have been changed slightly, to reflect these folder changes.

The original writer of the module, Dave Cross, has also asked if he can use this tutorial in the documentation, and so eventually you will see some of this somewhere in the Perlanet module. For now though, I will be working on the next stage of this tutorial!

If anyone has anything they would like to see done with Perlanet, feel free to ask and I will see if i can accomodate it.

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