Blackwood Sailing Journal – Part 2

This catalogs the adventures of one of the Maam Sliver sisters and her adventures on the High Seas on the ARMCO Atlas server. See the previous post here.

Day 1956: Another day, another adventure. After coming across Mr Jamón on the Trade Winds again, turns out his poor companion Mr Loco has run off, due to there being very few Coconuts available on the island. I felt bad about getting him addicted, so gathered up some coconuts from the beach (as well as some items to trade – lets not waste a journey after all!) and sailed over to help. Mr Jamón was very glad to receive the coconuts, and I left him to go find his monkey friend.

Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be many up for trading, so instead I went to explore some other islands. Hopefully I find something interesting!

Day 1957: THERE ARE WHALES IN THIS AREA! One of the damned things chased me around the ocean for ages, thankfully this little boat is faster than them. Between them and the storms, I’d almost be tempted not to head out again – although then I wouldn’t find any of the interesting people around. Guess that’s the risk…

Either way, managed to find some more interesting islands and Sailors, and went back to visit Lucian and see how they were doing – seems one of his companions were already half way through a boat! They also warned me about their new neighbours, who had set up just across a frozen lake. Seem like a simple group, although all I could hear was them shouting for boom sticks… Might have to ask Rogah about those?

Day 1959: After discussing with Jack and Rogah, we’ve decided to move the workshop to a more secluded location, away from the town. We found this great area near a waterfall, looks so beautiful. Might set up a hut out near the water to chill out in, and watch the ships sail past. Its definitely going to be quieter, and also gives us somewhere to store stuff for trade. Probably going to still try and sail out on the water some more though!

Day 1961: Jack has been working on the new area some more, and we’ve finally got the workshop back – I could finally repair my hat! Damn think has had a hole in it since the lion incident the other day…

Rogah started trying to tame an elephant that had got itself stuck, but the beast really didnt want to listen, so we gave up on that. We decided that maybe some bears would be easier (really?!) so off we head for that! I remembered seeing some down in the south eastern island, so maybe there were more?

Day 1962: Damn that island! we had found several brilliant bears, but that island is also overrun by giant one eyed monsters! They chased us round for hours before we gave up. And then, we found a secluded beach with some more bears on, which promptly all got eaten by a monstrous lion! Downheartedly we head away from there, but then saw a bear just down on the other side of the island, not far from Mr Jamón actually. Rogah managed to tame that bear!

Thankfully Jack had recieved word from an old friend who had arrived, and said they had bears and much less other angry critters, so we headed up to see them.

Day 1963: What a successful trip! Not only was Jacks friend such a great host, but also a keen fighter! We managed to get 3 bears from there, as well as a bunny! We would have had two, but one of them got eaten by an angry bear while taming…

We also managed to take a look at some of these maps we keep finding lying around. Seems that some other worldly force is defending the targets, which thankfully we dealt with swiftly with the new bears! Jacks friend really held his own as well, borrowing one of the new bears and really showing how to control it.

Day 1965: After more work on the new base (which it really is starting to feel like! Its awesome) we decided to take a break and go take on some more of these maps. Wow, some of these can be hard! Nearly lost one of the bears to them… But now our money worries are well and truly behind us. So much gold! And also a load of ways to make improved weapons and stuff. Got a new pistol which is much better made than the last, so that’s definitely a bonus!

Back at base we have finally got water piped in, and hopefully we can get an elephant soon to save all the hand gathering. I’m getting callouses from all this hatchet usage…

Tune in for more entries from the ARMCO Atlas server, or come join us!


Blackwood Sailing Journal – Part 1

This catalogs the adventures of one of the Maam Sliver sisters and her adventures on the High Seas on the ARMCO Atlas server.

Day 1942: Its weird… Having been stationed out here for many years, and not another soul for miles (and very few deliveries! damnit…) suddenly two more officers are appointed and shipped here – I wonder what they did to annoy the higher ups?

Either way… Now Jack Stark and the odd shaped Rogah York accompany me on this island… with a message that more sailors have been sighted heading to this area. Oh brilliant… well at least its something, I could never get the mix right for the Mojitos, maybe they know?

Day 1945: Sure enough, dribs and drabs of sailors arrived, some on boats, a lot of them just washed ashore… What in the world happened to this lot! At least Jack and Rogah are nice enough, they’ve pitched in to help keep this place up – we’ve set up a small workshop and have started working on a Schooner for our travels around to trade and attempt to keep the peace – although there are some right characters just falling out of the forest around, so who knows how long until it goes to pot…

Day 1947: Where did this monkey come from? Not like many other monkeys, this one has a hat and a name tag – Mr Loco? And it can communicate… Although at present its banging some coconuts together. Maybe it wants some? Ah yes, that stopped it screaming at me. I wonder if it escaped from one of the new Sailors that have been appearing?

Day 1951: After many days of gathering, we’ve finally put together a better boat than the one the new Shipsmith gave us – A ramshacke boat if I ever did see one. Now we have a schooner, which I’ve dubbed Annabelle – should do us well as a base of operations and trading vessel, plenty of space!

Also found some more information about Mr Loco – his owner, Don Jamón, washed up on another island, and is a news reporter! Definitely be a good idea to keep him on our side… Never know when a good bit of press might come in useful. Now, how to find him…

Day 1952: Finally on the sea! Gathered a variety of resources, as well as some salt and saps to hopefully trade, and set sail! Ah its good to be back on the sea… honestly forgot how free it feels to be out here. Kind of wish I hadn’t sunk my old ship I arrived on now…

After sailing around, we eventually found where Mr Jamón had come to shore – some glass building on a cliff, down in the South East. Think it was the western tip? Either way, a short man appeared when we announced our arrival, and was massively overjoyed to be back with his colleague again! I wont ask…

A good deed done, we traded some salt for some silver, as we had very little metal supply back at our workshop – this would definitely go towards a bigger boat! Will keep sailing and see if we encounter any other folks on the sea or with a base

Day 1954: Came across a request for some Saps on the trade winds from a gentleman who’s name I recognised from letters from my Sister – a Lucian of Ghost Industries, who has always had a high standing with my Sister, so getting to meet the man behind the name was quite a treat! As well as getting a trade out of it, which is always a bonus. Of course, his sanity was called into question for setting up on some Lion infested frozen hellscape, which claimed our Tiger, aptly named Dumbass (RIP Dumbass…).

This trade though, got us something I’ve been wanting to play with for many years but could not find the materials – A Sextant! Someone had managed to find some rubbies, so a quick trade later we had all the parts for one.

Tune in for more entries from the ARMCO Atlas server, or come join us! See the next post here

Free Music Twitch

Free Stream Music!

More and more, I’m finding free music for streaming – from Harris Heller and his Streambeats, to the new one from FiXT Music ive just found. So this is just a short post with these in! i’l update this more or something as I find them…


From Harris Heller, He’s created a catalog of (currently) Lo-Fi and Chill beats for streamers to use, completely free. He’s even set up a full licence saying so. You can download the tracks from his Discord, or get them on basically any music streaming platform

FiXT Music

A new one I’ve found after listening to Devin Nash (Go watch him by the way, really interesting information for Streamers etc.) Is FiXT Music. Again, their entire catalogue is available, and REALLY good, so go check the Licence and get some more free music! (Even just listen to it anyway)

And that is about it for RIGHT now, but as I find more I’l post about them, and you may even hear them on my Stream! Catch me every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday around 8pm UK Time for chat, gaming, and occasional programming!

Shortplay Saturday Twitch

Shortplay Saturday – June

Welcome to the second Shortplay Saturday! This month, we will be joined by my good friend SarinTal, for some Multiplayer Madness!

For this one, the list of games has been a bit more difficult to put together – Who knew so many games were single player?! However, we’ve put together some different games, that have multiplayer in them, and will leave it to you lot in chat to let us know which one we should play next. So, without further ado, the games!

Now, obviously there’s some fairly big games here… So if Starcraft II is chosen, we’l do a 1v1 match and see who sucks more! (probably me..) And No Mans Sky is going to be an obvious winner for a full stream or two, but hey – lets see what you vote for!

Shortplay Saturday Twitch

Shortplay Saturday – May Summary

So first, thank you all for turning up and/or watching my first Shortplay Saturday! As mentioned in the stream, this will become a recurring thing, run most likely on the last Saturday of the month.

And now, a Quick run through of the games we played and what we thought on them!


What is there to say? Such an amazing game, and we only played through the intro! This is one that will definitely be revisited in the future as a full stream series, especially as more and more content is released for it. Stay tuned for an announcement about that!

Guild of Dungeoneering

An interesting game, one that will make an appearance again on a stream for a chill evening. However I find it a bit too slow for my normal gaming tastes, so I think we will be exploring this one together!


I… Think I either missed something, or this game is really just not for me, as by the end of the half hour I uninstalled it because I just… didnt like it. Dont think I’l revisit this one, although its got some really good reviews so I guess I missed something? No idea.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Hah this one was excellent, probably the best (if not join best) game of the night. Will definitely be running this game in the future, hopefully with some added hindrance help from friends!


So yes, The first Shortplay Saturday! Well I would have put this post up much earlier but I’ve been massively busy… So its almost time for the next one! Stay tuned for the game list, and a special guest…

Shortplay Saturday Twitch

Shortplay Saturday

Welcome to my First Shortplay Saturday! This is a new show idea on my Twitch channel where I go through several games (either suggestions or ones I’ve found) and play for a short while to check them out. Obviously I wont be able to get through all of them, so any we dont get to will get put to a future session. Any that we really like, may end up getting a full playthrough on another stream!

Anyway, that’s enough planning, now lets take a look at the games for this first one:

A vote will be put out in chat, and then that will decide the next game! So join in tonight (20th May 2020 8pm BST) for the first Shortplay Saturday!

Perl Perl Programming Quick Tips

Perl – Getting Package Names

Had an interesting question from a student i’ve been helping with a project. They were after the package name, for various reasons, and so I prepared a small example with 3 ways of doing 2 things. Heres the example:

use strict;
use warnings;

use 5.020;

  package Role::PrintClass;

  use Moo::Role;

  requires 'class_name';

  sub print_class {
    my $self = shift;
    say "Class: " . $self->class_name;
    my @split_class = split ( '::', $self->class_name );
    say "Parts: " . $_ for @split_class;

  sub print_ref {
    my $self = shift;

    say ref($self);

  package My::Class::A;

  use Moo;

  sub class_name { return __PACKAGE__ };

  with 'Role::PrintClass';

  package My::Class::B;

  use Moo;

  sub class_name { return __PACKAGE__ };

  with 'Role::PrintClass';

my $a = My::Class::A->new;

my $b = My::Class::B->new;

say "Package A";
say "$a";
say ref($a);

say "Package B";

say "$b";
say ref($b);

The two main ways here, are with the __PACKAGE__ token, or using the ref function.

This also has an example of using Moo::Roles, and some of the basic things you can do with them.

Hopefully this is useful for people!



To Cake. And all the lives that she touched, however briefly – may they remember what she may have hoped to be – a bright spark of kindness in this world of uncertainty.

(For Jane – read Marks Eulogy here)

Quick Tips XFCE

Quick Tip – Mouse Scrolling in XFCE

Hey guys, another quick tip! So was just getting annoyed about my mouse scrolling being odd – I had natural scrolling set in my main XFCE settings, however it did not behave the same for everything. In a random google session, I found out that theres a lower level setting for it. So, heres the instructions I ran – you’l have to modify them for your specific needs though! as your mouse may not have the same name. You will also need to disable natural scrolling in XFCE to make it work properly!

sudo apt-get install xinput
xinput --list
xinput --list-props "PixArt USB Optical Mouse"
xinput set-prop "PixArt USB Optical Mouse" "Evdev Scrolling Distance" -1 1 1

So theres another random quick tip!

Postgres Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Postgres Data Dumping

Hey guys, just a quick tip on something I used recently – how to dump data to CSV from postgres.

So, if you want to dump something on the server itself, you can run the following commands:

Copy (Select * From foo) To '/tmp/test.csv' With CSV DELIMITER ',';

Which will dump out the data into a CSV at the specified path. If you are logging in through a remote connection on a client, then you can do the same using a similar command:

\copy (Select * From foo) To '/tmp/test.csv' With CSV

This will then dump out locally to your client.

On both of these commands, the file will be written with the permissions of the item in question – with the first one, it will be written as the user which the server is running under (usually postgres) – in the second one it will be as whoever you ran psql as.

This was pulled from a stackoverflow answer, so go upvote them, its a very good answer and is very well written – much better than I have managed here.