Free Music Twitch

Free Stream Music!

More and more, I’m finding free music for streaming – from Harris Heller and his Streambeats, to the new one from FiXT Music ive just found. So this is just a short post with these in! i’l update this more or something as I find them…


From Harris Heller, He’s created a catalog of (currently) Lo-Fi and Chill beats for streamers to use, completely free. He’s even set up a full licence saying so. You can download the tracks from his Discord, or get them on basically any music streaming platform

FiXT Music

A new one I’ve found after listening to Devin Nash (Go watch him by the way, really interesting information for Streamers etc.) Is FiXT Music. Again, their entire catalogue is available, and REALLY good, so go check the Licence and get some more free music! (Even just listen to it anyway)

And that is about it for RIGHT now, but as I find more I’l post about them, and you may even hear them on my Stream! Catch me every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday around 8pm UK Time for chat, gaming, and occasional programming!

Shortplay Saturday Twitch

Shortplay Saturday – June

Welcome to the second Shortplay Saturday! This month, we will be joined by my good friend SarinTal, for some Multiplayer Madness!

For this one, the list of games has been a bit more difficult to put together – Who knew so many games were single player?! However, we’ve put together some different games, that have multiplayer in them, and will leave it to you lot in chat to let us know which one we should play next. So, without further ado, the games!

Now, obviously there’s some fairly big games here… So if Starcraft II is chosen, we’l do a 1v1 match and see who sucks more! (probably me..) And No Mans Sky is going to be an obvious winner for a full stream or two, but hey – lets see what you vote for!

Shortplay Saturday Twitch

Shortplay Saturday – May Summary

So first, thank you all for turning up and/or watching my first Shortplay Saturday! As mentioned in the stream, this will become a recurring thing, run most likely on the last Saturday of the month.

And now, a Quick run through of the games we played and what we thought on them!


What is there to say? Such an amazing game, and we only played through the intro! This is one that will definitely be revisited in the future as a full stream series, especially as more and more content is released for it. Stay tuned for an announcement about that!

Guild of Dungeoneering

An interesting game, one that will make an appearance again on a stream for a chill evening. However I find it a bit too slow for my normal gaming tastes, so I think we will be exploring this one together!


I… Think I either missed something, or this game is really just not for me, as by the end of the half hour I uninstalled it because I just… didnt like it. Dont think I’l revisit this one, although its got some really good reviews so I guess I missed something? No idea.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Hah this one was excellent, probably the best (if not join best) game of the night. Will definitely be running this game in the future, hopefully with some added hindrance help from friends!


So yes, The first Shortplay Saturday! Well I would have put this post up much earlier but I’ve been massively busy… So its almost time for the next one! Stay tuned for the game list, and a special guest…

Shortplay Saturday Twitch

Shortplay Saturday

Welcome to my First Shortplay Saturday! This is a new show idea on my Twitch channel where I go through several games (either suggestions or ones I’ve found) and play for a short while to check them out. Obviously I wont be able to get through all of them, so any we dont get to will get put to a future session. Any that we really like, may end up getting a full playthrough on another stream!

Anyway, that’s enough planning, now lets take a look at the games for this first one:

A vote will be put out in chat, and then that will decide the next game! So join in tonight (20th May 2020 8pm BST) for the first Shortplay Saturday!

Perl Perl Programming Quick Tips

Perl – Getting Package Names

Had an interesting question from a student i’ve been helping with a project. They were after the package name, for various reasons, and so I prepared a small example with 3 ways of doing 2 things. Heres the example:

use strict;
use warnings;

use 5.020;

  package Role::PrintClass;

  use Moo::Role;

  requires 'class_name';

  sub print_class {
    my $self = shift;
    say "Class: " . $self->class_name;
    my @split_class = split ( '::', $self->class_name );
    say "Parts: " . $_ for @split_class;

  sub print_ref {
    my $self = shift;

    say ref($self);

  package My::Class::A;

  use Moo;

  sub class_name { return __PACKAGE__ };

  with 'Role::PrintClass';

  package My::Class::B;

  use Moo;

  sub class_name { return __PACKAGE__ };

  with 'Role::PrintClass';

my $a = My::Class::A->new;

my $b = My::Class::B->new;

say "Package A";
say "$a";
say ref($a);

say "Package B";

say "$b";
say ref($b);

The two main ways here, are with the __PACKAGE__ token, or using the ref function.

This also has an example of using Moo::Roles, and some of the basic things you can do with them.

Hopefully this is useful for people!



To Cake. And all the lives that she touched, however briefly – may they remember what she may have hoped to be – a bright spark of kindness in this world of uncertainty.

(For Jane – read Marks Eulogy here)

Quick Tips XFCE

Quick Tip – Mouse Scrolling in XFCE

Hey guys, another quick tip! So was just getting annoyed about my mouse scrolling being odd – I had natural scrolling set in my main XFCE settings, however it did not behave the same for everything. In a random google session, I found out that theres a lower level setting for it. So, heres the instructions I ran – you’l have to modify them for your specific needs though! as your mouse may not have the same name. You will also need to disable natural scrolling in XFCE to make it work properly!

sudo apt-get install xinput
xinput --list
xinput --list-props "PixArt USB Optical Mouse"
xinput set-prop "PixArt USB Optical Mouse" "Evdev Scrolling Distance" -1 1 1

So theres another random quick tip!

Postgres Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Postgres Data Dumping

Hey guys, just a quick tip on something I used recently – how to dump data to CSV from postgres.

So, if you want to dump something on the server itself, you can run the following commands:

Copy (Select * From foo) To '/tmp/test.csv' With CSV DELIMITER ',';

Which will dump out the data into a CSV at the specified path. If you are logging in through a remote connection on a client, then you can do the same using a similar command:

\copy (Select * From foo) To '/tmp/test.csv' With CSV

This will then dump out locally to your client.

On both of these commands, the file will be written with the permissions of the item in question – with the first one, it will be written as the user which the server is running under (usually postgres) – in the second one it will be as whoever you ran psql as.

This was pulled from a stackoverflow answer, so go upvote them, its a very good answer and is very well written – much better than I have managed here.


Its been a while…

Hey guys, so yea its been a little bit of a while – at least since August when I posted part one of getting started with Gulp. Yes, there is a part 2, however I have been really busy with work and just not having the incentive to do more on it in my spare time.

So, what have I been up to? Well a lot of stuff at work, doing some large migration items between several database systems as well as doing a full deployment system for clients. That is as well as helping to run a fledgeling hackspace, which is doing surprisingly well considering its in its second year (infact our second AGM is next week!). Apart from that, Ive been trying to do some work on making videos on youtube, and learning how to record and edit things – and then there are the conferences!

Was at FOSDEM again this year, which was great, especially seeing everyone again. I helped with the Perl room, and did a secondary set of videos which should be uploaded at some point soon. These will be a secondary set of recordings for the talks, as last year there were a few recording issues from the official FOSDEM team – they should be more ironed out this year, so we will see when they get released! (I had to help fix the official ones last year as well..)

The next major conference for me is FlossUK, of UKUUG for those old ones in the audience, where I will be talking on Lets Encrypt, or more precisely a set of scripts I created specifically to make managing the SSL certificates I use on this server easier, and also on some Perl modules i’ve been working on for making testing with external software, which need running instances to run. The first of these is Test::Instance::Apache, and eventually I will be creating an nginx, Postgres, and MySQL set of modules with a similar interface – as well as anything else I run in to and need to test either in day to day work, or just feel like making work.

Apart from that though, theres not much else. Ive been playing games both online and on pen and paper, as well as playing around on my new laptop recently – an Asus UX305CA which is meaning I can write and work on minor things almost anywhere without worrying about running out of battery as quickly – as well as not letting me play (many) games on it, as its just a small m3 processor. I may actually do a full write up on this machine at some point, as its a rather nice little light thing.

I think thats about it for now – I will post more here in the future on various things, as they happen. I would love to try and write more, especially tutorials – if you want me to try and write a tutorial on something (especially if its outside my normal work area!) then please leave a comment or contact me at the various other places you can find listed on this site.

Beginners Guide Gulp TBS Tutorials

TBS Tutorials – Gulp – Getting Started – Part 1

Hey guys, welcome to the first in (hopefully) a series of useful tutorials, for various things that I end up using or learning for either my day job or for fun. In this one we will be going over Gulp, how to get started with it, and some of the basic functionality, with us eventually ending up with a Gulp setup which will compile from Sass and Pug (Originally known as Jade) in to CSS and HTML – all while serving it to your browser automatically. What are Sass and Jade? don’t worry at this second, we will be covering those later on in this tutorial!