Getting Google Hangouts working under Debian Testing (Jessie)

So, ive been having issues trying to get Google Hangouts working in Debian, specifically under Jessie. It shows the green connecting symbol, then gives up and shows an error screen (which is oh so helpful….). After trying multiple things or installing, uninstalling, installing 32bit versions, etc., I came across some instructions here. These actually fixed it! And for those who dont trust links to random sites on a blog, the instructions are below:

first, uninstall google-chrome-stable (or beta, though I havent tried it with that), and google-talkplugin (if you have it installed).

Then, uninstall libudev0. This (for me atleast) was the culprit…

Then, reinstall google-chrome-stable, and google-talkplugin, and your away! Hopefully this will help someone.

Some extra notes: I am using Debian Testing AMD64, on a Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet. Because sometimes info like that helps…

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