Getting Google Hangouts working under Debian Testing (Jessie)

So, ive been having issues trying to get Google Hangouts working in Debian, specifically under Jessie. It shows the green connecting symbol, then gives up and shows an error screen (which is oh so helpful….). After trying multiple things or installing, uninstalling, installing 32bit versions, etc., I came across some instructions here. These actually fixed it! […]

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Problems with Net::Google::Calendar

Ok, in using Net::Google::Calendar, was getting an authentication error when trying to access the calendars. Thanks to castaway (:D), turns out theres a dependancy that it didnt install. So if you get an error like this: 401 Authorization required at ~/perl5/lib/perl5/Net/Google/Calendar.pm line 625. Then all you need to do is get LWP::Protocol::https! This should then

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Net Google Calendar

Very short update on some things im working on: First, is installing Net::Google::Calendar. For future reference, the things needed to install ontop of a fresh Raspbian install are: libexpat1-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev Those 3 allow Net::Google::Calendar to ‘install’ from CPAN, without any issues. The other thing i’m working on, is hopefully going to be the start

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