Free Stream Music!

More and more, I’m finding free music for streaming – from Harris Heller and his Streambeats, to the new one from FiXT Music ive just found. So this is just a short post with these in! i’l update this more or something as I find them…


From Harris Heller, He’s created a catalog of (currently) Lo-Fi and Chill beats for streamers to use, completely free. He’s even set up a full licence saying so. You can download the tracks from his Discord, or get them on basically any music streaming platform

FiXT Music

A new one I’ve found after listening to Devin Nash (Go watch him by the way, really interesting information for Streamers etc.) Is FiXT Music. Again, their entire catalogue is available, and REALLY good, so go check the Licence and get some more free music! (Even just listen to it anyway)

And that is about it for RIGHT now, but as I find more I’l post about them, and you may even hear them on my Stream! Catch me every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday around 8pm UK Time for chat, gaming, and occasional programming!

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