Blackwood Sailing Journal – Part 1

This catalogs the adventures of one of the Maam Sliver sisters and her adventures on the High Seas on the ARMCO Atlas server.

Day 1942: Its weird… Having been stationed out here for many years, and not another soul for miles (and very few deliveries! damnit…) suddenly two more officers are appointed and shipped here – I wonder what they did to annoy the higher ups?

Either way… Now Jack Stark and the odd shaped Rogah York accompany me on this island… with a message that more sailors have been sighted heading to this area. Oh brilliant… well at least its something, I could never get the mix right for the Mojitos, maybe they know?

Day 1945: Sure enough, dribs and drabs of sailors arrived, some on boats, a lot of them just washed ashore… What in the world happened to this lot! At least Jack and Rogah are nice enough, they’ve pitched in to help keep this place up – we’ve set up a small workshop and have started working on a Schooner for our travels around to trade and attempt to keep the peace – although there are some right characters just falling out of the forest around, so who knows how long until it goes to pot…

Day 1947: Where did this monkey come from? Not like many other monkeys, this one has a hat and a name tag – Mr Loco? And it can communicate… Although at present its banging some coconuts together. Maybe it wants some? Ah yes, that stopped it screaming at me. I wonder if it escaped from one of the new Sailors that have been appearing?

Day 1951: After many days of gathering, we’ve finally put together a better boat than the one the new Shipsmith gave us – A ramshacke boat if I ever did see one. Now we have a schooner, which I’ve dubbed Annabelle – should do us well as a base of operations and trading vessel, plenty of space!

Also found some more information about Mr Loco – his owner, Don Jamón, washed up on another island, and is a news reporter! Definitely be a good idea to keep him on our side… Never know when a good bit of press might come in useful. Now, how to find him…

Day 1952: Finally on the sea! Gathered a variety of resources, as well as some salt and saps to hopefully trade, and set sail! Ah its good to be back on the sea… honestly forgot how free it feels to be out here. Kind of wish I hadn’t sunk my old ship I arrived on now…

After sailing around, we eventually found where Mr Jamón had come to shore – some glass building on a cliff, down in the South East. Think it was the western tip? Either way, a short man appeared when we announced our arrival, and was massively overjoyed to be back with his colleague again! I wont ask…

A good deed done, we traded some salt for some silver, as we had very little metal supply back at our workshop – this would definitely go towards a bigger boat! Will keep sailing and see if we encounter any other folks on the sea or with a base

Day 1954: Came across a request for some Saps on the trade winds from a gentleman who’s name I recognised from letters from my Sister – a Lucian of Ghost Industries, who has always had a high standing with my Sister, so getting to meet the man behind the name was quite a treat! As well as getting a trade out of it, which is always a bonus. Of course, his sanity was called into question for setting up on some Lion infested frozen hellscape, which claimed our Tiger, aptly named Dumbass (RIP Dumbass…).

This trade though, got us something I’ve been wanting to play with for many years but could not find the materials – A Sextant! Someone had managed to find some rubbies, so a quick trade later we had all the parts for one.

Tune in for more entries from the ARMCO Atlas server, or come join us! See the next post here

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