Gaming News – March 26th

Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary Update

New ways to die unexpectedly

New character, new enemies, new items, and more!

Magic: Legends in Open Beta

Diablo esque RPG in the MTG Universe

Open Beta has started for the new RPG set in the Magic the Gathering Universe, with an interesting mechanic of using Cards to cast Spells. Get it through Epic Game store, or go to to download now – exclusive skins available during the Open Beta! Note these skin packs are different for each launcher, so figure out which skins you want to unlock!

Mario 3D All Stars

Nintendo to remove game from stores as promised

Nintendo is removing sales of this next week on the 31st, so this is the last chance to get the game set if you want the download version. Physical copies may still be available while stocks last, but really if you wanted this you’ve already bought it, right?

Sony to close PS3, Vita and PSP Stores

Vita to become expensive paperweight

Reported by The Gamer, the PSP and PS3 stores will be closed on the 2nd July, with the Vita store closing on 27th August. This is going to be a massive blow to the retro communities as Sony delete history, with this completely kill off the Vita, being a download only game console, and will make the PS3 and PSP much less enticing. At least this will drive up the price of second hand physical copies of games, so someone is happy right?

Chris Metzen releasing D&D 5e Campaign

Roll for sanity from the Warchief

The former Blizzard Story Vice President has appeared again, this time working on a 5th Edition D&D Campaign called Auroboros Coils of the Serpent. A kickstarter is set to start on April 20th, so if you’re looking for an expansion to your stories, or want to try something new, then get over and back the campaign!

Ex-World of Warcraft dev Chris Metzen is making a new Dungeons & Dragons world

Roadmap released for Marvel’s Avengers

Finally a plan?

After a rocky start with their initial plan to release content once a month, Crystal Dynamics has come out with a new Roadmap for content leading up to the War for Wakanda.

Hopefully this will sate the fans who have been waiting 6 months for more content, as well as patches to the myriad of bugs and issues from release. Hopefully this gives the fans something to look forward to in the coming year which will keep them coming back.

Grapeshot continue to miss the point

Plans for ATLAS have no direction

With more changes on the horizon from the newly reinvigorated Grapeshot development team behind ATLAS, it seems they are ignoring adding a core theme to the game, and the lack of customisation of ships and new buildings seeming to move away from the original Ark style building.

At least they are noticing that their focus on PvP has caused a large amount of issues in the PvE side of the game, though how they plan on fixing this we wait to see. Thankfully they seem to be keeping the mod kit up to date, so hopefully the modders will work around all this and keep the game going in private communities.

Atlas decides to ignore themes, plans multiple maps, ship customization, and Wonders building for summer

ZeniMax Media board disolves

Microsoft probably has better ideas

After basically inventing Microtransactions, and adding them to Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online, the board of directors has been disolved after Microsoft aquires them for 7.5 billion dollars. This brings a huge selection of Bethesda titles and game series under Microsofts gaming umbrella, with them adding 20 new Bethesda titles to in their monthly Game Pass service, with more set to come.

Contractual obligations will still be honoured for 3rd party titles such as Deathloop on the Playstation, so if you’re looking forward to one of their games on a non Microsoft device, dont panic!

Blizzard can now only count 60

Now you can by more or less time in game

Blizzard have changed from allowing 30, 90, or 180 day tokens for World of Warcraft in game time, to only having 60 day increments. This only affects those who earn their WoW time using in game gold, and seems to be a way to push more people to subscribe instead. This also means that you need 6 WoW tokens for 6 months, instead of the previous 5. Obviously not everyone is happy about this change, as it will cost the players more play time to earn the gold.

Some players use these or retail card purchases due to not being able to use Credit Cards, among other reasons -whether this is going to affect retail card purchases is unknown at present.

World of Warcraft is altering the deal on game time purchases, settling on just 60-day increments

New Game Releases

Prepare your pocket money

Yakuza 6 – Punch your way through Japans criminal underworld while finding out the truth around your daughters tragic accident – available now on Steam, Xbox One, PS4/5 and Stadia

Evil Genius 2 – Build your epic Evil Base and take over the world from 30th March.

Outriders – dont be an april fool on 1st April with Square Enix new 3rd person shooter RPG.

Disco Elysium Final Cut – full Voice Acted release coming out on the 30th March

Binding of Isaac: Repentance DLC – The final DLC for Isaac coming out on 31st March

Kingdom Hearts franchise – Available on Epic Game Store from the 30th March!

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