Blackwood Sailing Journal – Part 2

This catalogs the adventures of one of the Maam Sliver sisters and her adventures on the High Seas on the ARMCO Atlas server. See the previous post here.

Day 1956: Another day, another adventure. After coming across Mr Jamón on the Trade Winds again, turns out his poor companion Mr Loco has run off, due to there being very few Coconuts available on the island. I felt bad about getting him addicted, so gathered up some coconuts from the beach (as well as some items to trade – lets not waste a journey after all!) and sailed over to help. Mr Jamón was very glad to receive the coconuts, and I left him to go find his monkey friend.

Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be many up for trading, so instead I went to explore some other islands. Hopefully I find something interesting!

Day 1957: THERE ARE WHALES IN THIS AREA! One of the damned things chased me around the ocean for ages, thankfully this little boat is faster than them. Between them and the storms, I’d almost be tempted not to head out again – although then I wouldn’t find any of the interesting people around. Guess that’s the risk…

Either way, managed to find some more interesting islands and Sailors, and went back to visit Lucian and see how they were doing – seems one of his companions were already half way through a boat! They also warned me about their new neighbours, who had set up just across a frozen lake. Seem like a simple group, although all I could hear was them shouting for boom sticks… Might have to ask Rogah about those?

Day 1959: After discussing with Jack and Rogah, we’ve decided to move the workshop to a more secluded location, away from the town. We found this great area near a waterfall, looks so beautiful. Might set up a hut out near the water to chill out in, and watch the ships sail past. Its definitely going to be quieter, and also gives us somewhere to store stuff for trade. Probably going to still try and sail out on the water some more though!

Day 1961: Jack has been working on the new area some more, and we’ve finally got the workshop back – I could finally repair my hat! Damn think has had a hole in it since the lion incident the other day…

Rogah started trying to tame an elephant that had got itself stuck, but the beast really didnt want to listen, so we gave up on that. We decided that maybe some bears would be easier (really?!) so off we head for that! I remembered seeing some down in the south eastern island, so maybe there were more?

Day 1962: Damn that island! we had found several brilliant bears, but that island is also overrun by giant one eyed monsters! They chased us round for hours before we gave up. And then, we found a secluded beach with some more bears on, which promptly all got eaten by a monstrous lion! Downheartedly we head away from there, but then saw a bear just down on the other side of the island, not far from Mr Jamón actually. Rogah managed to tame that bear!

Thankfully Jack had recieved word from an old friend who had arrived, and said they had bears and much less other angry critters, so we headed up to see them.

Day 1963: What a successful trip! Not only was Jacks friend such a great host, but also a keen fighter! We managed to get 3 bears from there, as well as a bunny! We would have had two, but one of them got eaten by an angry bear while taming…

We also managed to take a look at some of these maps we keep finding lying around. Seems that some other worldly force is defending the targets, which thankfully we dealt with swiftly with the new bears! Jacks friend really held his own as well, borrowing one of the new bears and really showing how to control it.

Day 1965: After more work on the new base (which it really is starting to feel like! Its awesome) we decided to take a break and go take on some more of these maps. Wow, some of these can be hard! Nearly lost one of the bears to them… But now our money worries are well and truly behind us. So much gold! And also a load of ways to make improved weapons and stuff. Got a new pistol which is much better made than the last, so that’s definitely a bonus!

Back at base we have finally got water piped in, and hopefully we can get an elephant soon to save all the hand gathering. I’m getting callouses from all this hatchet usage…

Tune in for more entries from the ARMCO Atlas server, or come join us!

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