So what have I been up to?

Well that is a very good question… The answer is, quite a lot! HAC:Man (The hackspace i run with) has finally got a space of its own, and I have been helping to set everything up. I have also changed job, and am now working at Maplin. So yes, what have I been up to?

Well first bit is, helping sort out a Lathe! HAC:Man has had a lathe loaned to it, and was helping to set that up.

Myford ML 7 Lathe
the lathe in all it’s glory

Along with that, I have been developing the controller for an SMD Oven! We have the oven, and almost have a complete controller.

SMD Oven Prototype
The Birds Nest

The only problems I’ve had recently is some interesting stuff with the debug code – when the debug code is there, it works fine. Without the code, it crashes the Arduino… Will have to see what happens when I get the complete code in there though, controlling all the parts.

For now though, watching Real Steel… and tomorrow, finishing the hardware!

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