A New Year

Happy New Year!

To all my readers, no matter when you are actually getting round to this post, I wish you all a happy new year, and that this year goes well for you (or has been going well for you so far, if you’re reading this a bit further in the future).

Now, on to the main event…

What Are you doing for New Year?

This year, as before, I am not really going to be having a New Year Resolution. This is mainly due to the number of times I have tried, and failed to keep one, and also due to a lot of the time them being completely pointless, or something that is un-achievable. However, unlike previous years, I will be making a list of goals, which will be listed here for all to see, which I can try and achieve by the end of the year.

Spend January Sober

Yes, this included last night for New Years. This was actually quite enjoyable, sat around chatting with my good friends, enjoying good food and some comedy, and then Karaoke. And not a drop of alcohol was drunk (by me, anyway…). This is due to me joining in on a sponsored ‘Dry-Athlon’, for Cancer Research UK. My sponsorship page is at TBSliver – Dryathlon, so please go put as much as you can in there, as it is for a very good cause.

Just so you know, this is not the first time I have done a sponsored no-drinking event, several years ago I participated in a ‘Thirst For Life’, although the internet seems to have swallowed any reference I can find to the exact event.

Release (Atleast) One CPAN Module

Ok, this one is surprising that it hasnt happened already. Considering that I work for Shadowcat Systems, a well known company in the Perl world, and one of the people I work for is mst (who is well known for his ‘well volunteered’ saying), that I havent ended up with a module to care for is surprising.

This wont actually take as long as you would think, for the first release atleast – I have been working on a Zsh plugin manager which may also become able to manage other shell systems – Bash plugin manager anyone? Anyway, the work is currently at App-Antigen, and is almost ready for first release – infact I have been using it for the last few weeks successfully. Any comments, pull requests, patches, and improvements are more than welcome – including if you see something and go ‘why the hell did you do it that way?’.

Talk at a Tech Conference

There are a large number of Tech Conferences which I am either attending, or helping to run (on the day at least). But something that has not happened yet, is for me to do a talk, lightning or otherwise, at one of these events. Over the next month, I will be trying to come up with some ideas for talks to give at various conferences, and if you have any ideas for talks which you think I could give, feel free to e-mail me or find me on IRC – Contact details are on my About page.

Write a Blog Post once a Week

Something which I am starting right now (obviously) is to write a post on this blog atleast once a week. So hopefully there should be no more than 7 days between any two posts! This is one of the only targets for this year which will be more difficult than the others, due to the time of it. However, I am quietly confident I can manage this, as well as improve the software that this blog is running on (which is due a blog post in the near future as well!).

Participate in Leigh Keatings Page-a-Day Challenge

This is something else which I will start as soon as I get hold of a cheap diary – Leigh Keating’s Page-a-Day Challenge. This is an interesting writing challenge, and the things I write in here may just end up as a blog post! I can see my one ending up as a much more technical diary than for fiction writing (as is the case in Leigh’s), however this will have to wait and see what the year will bring.

Wrap Up

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I will probably be creating a new page with the details from this venture up at some point in the future, which may also include any other note-worthy achievements for this year. For now though, I will leave you with your thoughts, and hopefully some of you will join me in the Page-A-Day challenge!

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