One Week Later…

Well that was close!

I almost managed to fail one of my new year promises within the first week! Phew! Thankfully I have managed to sit down (just now) and start working on a blog post. What, did you think I’d had a beer?

Speaking of beer, it has been a week! In that time I’ve had a party, two gaming nights, and new years, and yet not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips! Even my mouthwash is alcohol free… (Not on purpose, just hadnt noticed before). So this is going well! only 3 and a bit weeks left to go before it is all over, and I can enjoy some nice Belgian beers in Brussels, after the last day of FOSDEM.

What about the other plans?

So my other targets for this year are off to a great start! I started writing some presentations today, after some various ideas from Matt and Mark at work. I have managed to get hold of, and write an entirety of one page in my page-a-day diary! So i’m only about 7 days behind…

Also, obviously this is my second blog post this year, so that was close. As for the CPAN module, I am still working through the documentation so that it can be used straight away by someone who didnt write the whole thing. I am hoping to actually finish writing the documentation in the coming week, and then start looking towards modifications I can do on it.

What modifications?

Well, I can see a use of being able to use it for bash as well as zsh, so will port across the most basic of the plugins I use, or find equivalent ones, and then get App-Antigen to work properly with that. Honestly, im fairly sure this will be quite easy, due to how I’ve written it, but MVP first (Minimum Viable Product).

The other modifications I can see being useful, is for it to work from other git repositories, as well as from tarballs – including ones which are on your local machine, for those of you who actually develop plugins for your shell!

So what else have you been doing?

Well, this week I have been working quite hard on a new product which we are releasing at work – see the recent blog post on it on Mark’s blog. This has been a long run of design and development by myself and the rest of the team, and hopefully will be useful to a lot of people! I will be following up the release with a blog post of my own on the Shadowcat Site at some point, so watch that space!

Apart from that, there hasnt been much, apart from my usual gaming nights, and hoping to go out cycling more. After getting hold of a Brompton through the Cycle Scheme I have been cycling every day to work, and have been planning on going on a long ride at some point with just my camera.

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