Transmission: Pi

So regularly, I find myself needing another install disk for a particular Linux distribution – be this for a desktop, a server, or a Raspberry Pi. Which means that I have, at any one time, atleast 2 downloads for various Linux distros on any one particular machine I use… although it is rarely the one […]

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New Pages

I’m Back! And wow I have managed to fail massively at this blogging routine. However, I’m back in the driving seat, as it were, and have developed a few new features – namely my new Projects pages!. This is hopefully going to evolve a bit more over the coming weeks, and I will be eventually

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A New Year

Happy New Year! To all my readers, no matter when you are actually getting round to this post, I wish you all a happy new year, and that this year goes well for you (or has been going well for you so far, if you’re reading this a bit further in the future). Now, on

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First Post!

So here I am again, typing another blog post. Except this time, im writing it in markdown, and it will then be statically generated to HTML, using some exceedingly clever perl which I have been adding things to. The main program is called App-SCS, and was created by Matt Trout (mst). This app is only

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