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Transmission: Pi

So regularly, I find myself needing another install disk for a particular Linux distribution – be this for a desktop, a server, or a Raspberry Pi. Which means that I have, at any one time, atleast 2 downloads for various Linux distros on any one particular machine I use… although it is rarely the one …

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Playing With Init

So this is less about me playing with init itself, but playing with multiple different distros which have different init systems. But why, you may ask? Well if you know me, you probably have also heard about the current systemd debacle, which is currently tearing a lot of communities apart – some want to use …

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New Pages

I’m Back! And wow I have managed to fail massively at this blogging routine. However, I’m back in the driving seat, as it were, and have developed a few new features – namely my new Projects pages!. This is hopefully going to evolve a bit more over the coming weeks, and I will be eventually …

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