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A New Year

Happy New Year! To all my readers, no matter when you are actually getting round to this post, I wish you all a happy new year, and that this year goes well for you (or has been going well for you so far, if you’re reading this a bit further in the future). Now, on […]

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First Post!

So here I am again, typing another blog post. Except this time, im writing it in markdown, and it will then be statically generated to HTML, using some exceedingly clever perl which I have been adding things to. The main program is called App-SCS, and was created by Matt Trout (mst). This app is only

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Getting Google Hangouts working under Debian Testing (Jessie)

So, ive been having issues trying to get Google Hangouts working in Debian, specifically under Jessie. It shows the green connecting symbol, then gives up and shows an error screen (which is oh so helpful….). After trying multiple things or installing, uninstalling, installing 32bit versions, etc., I came across some instructions here. These actually fixed it!

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