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Problems with Net::Google::Calendar

Ok, in using Net::Google::Calendar, was getting an authentication error when trying to access the calendars. Thanks to castaway (:D), turns out theres a dependancy that it didnt install. So if you get an error like this: 401 Authorization required at ~/perl5/lib/perl5/Net/Google/Calendar.pm line 625. Then all you need to do is get LWP::Protocol::https! This should then […]

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Net Google Calendar

Very short update on some things im working on: First, is installing Net::Google::Calendar. For future reference, the things needed to install ontop of a fresh Raspbian install are: libexpat1-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev Those 3 allow Net::Google::Calendar to ‘install’ from CPAN, without any issues. The other thing i’m working on, is hopefully going to be the start

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So about 3 months ago, maybe more, I started looking into designing a modular synthesiser. I started off building a simple VCO, and ran into problems straight away with that, which needed a solid power supply with multiple rails. So I looked into building one. It didnt take long for me to design one, based

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